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Cerro de la Luz

Also known as Tlahuiltepec, a hill that is believed to be filled with positive energy for the soul.


Deer Sanctuary

Wildlife’s nature reserve, where you can hang around deers, walk next to a waterfall, contemplate rock paintings or explore the reserve’s caves.


Pozas de Amatlán

Beautiful landscape full with waterfalls and pools of crystalline water, where is believed that Quetzalcoatl was born.


Prehispanic settelment built between 1150 y 1350 a.C. in honor of Ometochtli Tepuztécatl, God of pulque (Maguey fermented beverage) related with fertilty and good crops. Mexica warriors were worshiped in this place


Ex Convento de las Nativitas

Declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Built by Tepoztecans under the orders of dominican frairs between 1555 and 1580, dedicated to the Nativity Virgin. There is a library, a museum and a scenic viewpoint that leads straight to the majestic Tepoztecan mountain range. It also counts with a mural painting from the XVI century


Crafts Market

Strawberries, blackberries, pumpkin, pomegranate and lots of vegetables. The market is full of food places where you’ll find pozole, pancita (traditional mexican soup made of beef stomach), cecina (beef jerky) and exquisite quesadillas, but you can’t miss out the delicious itacates.